Managing waste and the environmental issues faced by private-sector entities

With resources increasingly scarce, waste management is a major concern for users, clients, and also companies now more than ever. Corporate social responsibility involves addressing the waste issue, across a spectrum from prevention to elimination.

Sage Industry's expertise for helping you manage your waste

Sage Industry advises service providers and companies at each stage of their projects on improving waste management.

We offer you personalised and practical solutions for global waste management that resolve your environmental issues, in line with your business and your needs:

  • Implementation of a sustainable resource management strategy
  • Optimisation of waste valorisation performance
  • Reflection on new circular economy systems

Our well-established experience in waste management, sorting, waste-to-energy, material recovery and organic valorisation make SAGE INDUSTRY a major asset in your strategy for optimising waste management.

Material recovery: a solution to meet your needs

Our team of experts will help you define new sorting processes for recyclable waste, from the initial feasibility study to final implementation in operations. They can also assist you with your refuse-derived fuels (RDF) preparation projects.

Sage Industry’s added value:

  • Our well-established experience in assessing performance and defining test protocols
  • Our focus on consolidating the entire sector right up to the production of secondary raw materials or RDF

Expert opinion

“At a time when Asian borders are closing, we need more than ever to refocus on effective use of our own recycling sectors. This not only involves continuing long-standing research and development programmes to create larger and more accurate sorting tools, it also requires us to rethink the underlying economic model for recycling and switch to a policy of transforming materials where they are collected. The issue we face is making our circular economy operate effectively at a local level! ”

Sophie Desoudin, Director of the Experts hub and Partner

Strategic study relating to the B-class wood sector in the Central West region of France

Organic valorisation: an emerging economic and ecological issue

Organic waste valorisation is one of the sectors currently under development. It is intended to both help reduce landfill waste, while meeting increasingly stringent regulations on the use of this waste as a soil enhancer and fertiliser. Sage Industry can provide appropriate support:

  • For the redeployment of MBT sites and the definition of alternatives that comply with the new regulations
  • For the implementation of methanation or composting processes
  • For researching and perfecting innovative processes such as anaerobic digestion and methanation.

Expert opinion

“Organic materials are at the heart of all life: essential materials, sources of nutrients, humus, energy, but also sources of nuisance (micro-organisms, odours, decomposition fluids and so on), so their management and valorisation extend well beyond the conventional frameworks in the field of waste.
Extracting value from them is a complex but crucial issue for the coming years. It is time to accelerate our pace and broaden our scope to conserve the quality of our soil and protect our environment in doing so.”

Nicolas Fruteau, Organic Valorisation Expert

Master plan for waste valorisation in the Principality of Andorra


The waste combustion process is complex and constantly evolving: it has to change in line with new types of waste and new regulations. Our team of experts benefits from feedback from numerous plants in France. They can support you in your projects for revamping or upgrading your processes in line with standards, and in your energy optimisation initiatives. They will also assist you with your heat generation projects based on refuse-derived fuels.

  • Feasibility study
  • Initial consultation
  • Help with defining performance
  • Assistance during testing and commissioning the industrial plant

Expert opinion

“For more than 20 years now, incineration has been more than just a waste disposal method. It has become an energy infrastructure asset. Waste incineration systematically increases energy independence in regions and towns by producing heat and electricity, which can in turn be used for the local production of drinking water, for cooling or for generating hydrogen. The polluting incinerators of the past have been replaced by tightly controlled waste-to-energy plants that use the best techniques available, reflect a strong commitment to sustainability and protect the interests of future generations. ”

Nicolas Jegues, Waste-to-Energy Expert

A complex engineering assignment underpins completion of the works for the waste-to-energy plant at Briec in Brittany


Although it is seen as a less than desirable waste management method, waste storage is still a widespread solution. Constant innovation is required to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible. Our team can assist you in this process:

  • Technical scan and operating report 
  • Management and treatment of leachates  
  • Biogas valorisation (gas capture model, production models and valorisation systems suitable for biogas) 
  • Studies focusing on extensions for and optimisation of biogas fuel cells 
  • Odour issues 
  • Management of non-compliant practices (Regional Directorate for Environment,
    Development and Housing)
  • Dissemination of information 
  • Reporting, dashboards and monitoring indicators 

Expert opinion

“Running a waste storage facility means taking on major environmental responsibilities: the preservation of soil quality and natural habitats must be the key deciding factor at the heart of every operational process and every decision. The operational aspects must be closely and professionally controlled at every stage; from unloading the waste to collecting biogas and leachate for treatment and, if possible, further valorisation. ”

Julien Bey, Expert in Waste Storage and Biogas Valorisation

Expert opinion

« When transforming our waste into a high-value asset, each step plays an important role: from the first instance of sorting to securing the associated recycling sector and transforming the waste into a usable raw material »

Our sorting process simulation tools, combined with our knowledge of recycling and valorisation networks, give you the support you need from one end of the valorisation sector to the other, with the ultimate aim of transforming your waste into a valuable resource!

Anne Caspar, Director and Sage Industry Partner

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Exploitation Centre de transfert et Evacuation des CS de la RIVED
Sage Industry a accompagné PIZZORNO dans la réponse à l’appel d’offres notamment sur la partie rédaction du mémoire technique.
Exploitation de l’UIVE d’Athanor - Grenoble-Alpes Métropole
PIZZORNO Environnement
Nous avons mobilisé nos experts en valorisation énergétique qui disposent de nombreux retours d’expérience dans l’exploitation des usines de valorisation énergétique.
Modernisation/Exploitation UVE de l’Ariane - Nice Côte d’Azur
Groupement PAPREC- FCC MA
Le groupement PAPREC- FCC MA a missionné Sage Industry pour l’assister dans sa réponse à la DSP de modernisation de l’UVE de l’Ariane.

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