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A tailor-made offer to support you in your eco-friendly projects

Are you looking for innovative solutions, technical expertise and qualified assistance to formulate a template for tenders, train your teams or design and build equipment?

As a dedicated environmental adviser and preferred partner for its clients, Sage Industry helps large industrial corporations active in the environment sector and, more generally, all private-sector economic players to respond efficiently to current and future environmental issues.

To achieve this, Sage Industry deploys a qualified and experienced team of project managers, engineers and technical experts:

  • Project management/coordination
  • Technical expertise, covering all fields
  • Coordination of multidisciplinary teams (operational, technical, financial, lawyers, communication, etc.)

The team formed by Sage Industry uses every ounce of its know-how to achieve your objectives and support and advise you during each phase of your eco-friendly project, from initial analysis and assessment to completion.

For service providers preparing to install new treatment capacities, renew a strategic collection contract or operate an existing waste treatment plant or waste-to-energy facility, Sage Industry assists with:

  • The regional assessment and needs analysis and valorisation and treatment potential
  • The plant assessment scan and studies to identify opportunities for performance optimisation
  • The technical and economic analysis of the plant, i.e. the search for powerful economic levers
  • Proposing innovative solutions to add value to the future offer
  • Identifying grant or financial aid schemes for planned projects
  • Getting updated with technological developments and regulatory changes or in relation to the public procurement code to anticipate changes in the plant or the contract

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Sage Industry is the ideal partner for service providers when responding to calls for tender, whether they involve:

  • Calls for tender for operating waste treatment facilities, collecting waste,
  • Or large and complex projects such as global performance-based contracts or public works concessions involving a significant works component.

Sage Industry can take on project management (adopting a steering role in drafting the offer, project planning and drawing up the summary of the offer), in consultations with suppliers or manufacturers, or in the drafting technical and economic submissions, while maintaining complete confidentiality.

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Sage Industry also assists operators with performing regulatory audits and putting together regulatory files (basic report/review report) that have become mandatory under the BREF for waste-to-energy plants.

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We offer a specific data research and compilation service for operators. Sage Industry has set up the following database resources for this purpose:

  • For waste treatment sites
  • For waste-to-energy facilities in France
  • For Selective Collection Sorting Centres in France
  • For mechanical and biological treatment facilities in France

In addition, we keep an updated list of the existing government grants in the fields of waste, energy, construction and the circular economy.

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Expert opinion

« Environmental management has become a priority for commissioning authorities. With rapidly evolving technologies and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, operators and other consortia must innovate to differentiate themselves from their competitors. »

Sage Industry adds value based on more than 30 years of experience in project management assistance with local authorities and profound knowledge of the nuts and bolts of drawing up a winning bid, specifically by optimising the response in terms of its innovation content and relevance to the bid selection criteria.

Sage Industry helps consortia to position themselves in standard public procurement contracts, but also complex procedures such as public service delegation contracts and performance-based public procurement tenders. The support includes the strategy for developing the offer, coordination, project management and drafting the submissions.

Anne Caspar, Director and Sage Industry Partner

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